12th Fail Movie Review: Trailer of 12th Fail released, Vikrant wrote a new chapter in his career

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12th Fail Movie Review: “I will not give up, I will not give up.” A father sitting on the cot is teaching this lesson to his child. These lines also reach the ears of the other child sitting on the terrace and make it so strong that despite a lot of compulsions and struggles, he leaves Chambal and becomes an IPS officer. The story of ‘12th Fail‘ makes you emotional and gives you a passion.

At the end of the film you will hardly be able to live without clapping. This film isn’t just about education or small towns – it’s about never giving up. It’s about relationships, about duty. 12th is inspired by the real story of failed Indian Administrative Service officer Manoj Kumar Sharma.


Manoj, who lives in Chambal, is living his life like a common village boy. The father is honest, that is why he is suspended. The family is struggling with poverty. Manoj has only one dream that somehow he gets a job as a peon after passing 12th. But in the meantime, he meets a PCS officer, whose honesty impresses him so much that the whole direction of his life changes. For the first time in his life, someone tells him that cheating is not a good thing.

He ties that thing into a knot. Fails in 12th exam. Third division pass in the second attempt. He graduates and sets out for Gwalior to pursue PCS with his grandmother’s entire savings. But when life decides to test you, it makes the path more and more difficult. Manoj’s journey brings him to Delhi. Where he prepares for Union Public Service Commission. Is he able to fulfill his and his family’s dreams by wearing the khaki uniform? The story revolves around this.


Vikrant Massey is a powerful artist, there is no doubt about it. But the way he has settled into the character of Manoj, you will not be able to live without being his fan. From the first frame till the end, Vikrant has held the character so tightly… that you will find yourself with him throughout his journey. Manoj of the village being impressed by the honesty of a top official, feeling himself lost in the crowd of Delhi, having extraordinary spirit to work hard, showing trust in relationships and insisting on fulfilling his dreams… you find yourself at every step. will feel.

There is no doubt that Vikrant considers this film so special for his career. Apart from Vikrant, the other actors of the film are also extremely effective. Anshuman Pushkar is emotional in the role of Gauri Bhaiya, while Harish Khanna does wonders in the role of Manoj’s father. Priyanshu Chatterjee, Anant Joshi, Medha Shankar leave a mark with their characters.

12th Fail Review Cast, Roles, Crew, Release Date, Story, Trailer

12th Fail MovieDetails
Movie Name12th Fail
Movie CastVikrant Messi, Suraj Nagar, palak lalwani, Sanjay Bishnoi, Harish Khanna
DirectorVidhu Vinod Chopra
Release Date27 October 2023
Teaser Release Date10 August 2023
Movie LanguageIndia – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam
Movie Size277MB, 509MB & 1.2GB
Movie QualityMP4, MOV, AVI, MKV
Movie Format:480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p
Running time2 hours 27 minutes
Production companiesZee Studios, Vinod Chopra Films
BudgetApprox 30 Crore

Writing and Direction

The story of the film is taken from the novel 12th Fail. This story is of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma. His biography is truly an inspiration, but Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s treatment here is amazing. Jaskunwar Kohli, Anurag Pathak and Ayush Saxena have also helped Vidhu in writing 12th Fail. Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s experience is visible in the screenplay and dialogues of the film. This is what is in his direction. The area in which the story of the film is based has been shown as it is. This is a real story, hence Vidhu has not taken cinematic liberty. Vidhu, who failed in 12th for 3 years, has done the work of inspiring emotions and morale through his film this time.

Cinematography & Editing

The film is shot by Rangarajan Ramabadran. The film has been shot mostly in real locations, the film is full of gorilla shots. Rangarajan has done a great job of shooting and capturing such a crowd. Some frames of the film are quite spectacular. This also includes a fixed frame shot of the final result. At the same time, the editing command has also been taken over by Vidhu Vinod Chopra along with Jaskuwar Kohli. The work of both of them here is very tight, there is no flaw anywhere. The pace of the film is also kept at a steady pace, which neither causes boredom nor does it seem fast forward.


The music of the film is by Shantanu Moitra. In this film, music has been used as a filler, which also makes you emotional. Its signature tune will stick in your mind. Shantanu has also done his job very well, this has further strengthened the film.


Based on the real life of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma, the film ’12th Fail’ will make you emotional, but at the same time it will leave a smile on your face and strength in your intentions. Do watch this film for its brilliant story and strong acting. 4 stars to ’12th Fail’ from Worlds Fact.

12th Fail movie Release Date 2023?

Talking about 12th Fail Movie Release Date 2023, this film will be released in theaters worldwide on 27 October 2023.

12th Fail Movie Trailer 2023?

12 Fall movie trailer has not been released yet because till now only the teaser of the film has been released, after which there is a buzz among the audience to watch the trailer of this film. However, the teaser of the film is still making waves among millions of students and audiences, due to which the film has become one of the favorite films of the audience even before its release.

12th Fail Movie Budget 2023

Talking about 12th Fail Movie Budget 2023, this film has been made at the actual place in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, for which the production cost is said to be around Rs 30 crore.

12th Fail Movie Collection

If we talk about 12th Fail Movie Collection, the actual figure can be told only after the release of the film, but seeing the curiosity of the people after the teaser of 12th Fail Movie, it can be estimated that this film will collect its collection on the very first day. It can make an estimated collection of Rs 40 crore more than the budget cast.

12th Fail Movie Cast

Talking about the cast of 12th Fail Movie, Bollywood actor Vikrant Messi is seen in the character.


This 2 hours 27 minutes long film is a must watch. You get to learn a lot from this. All aspects of love, family, friendship and honesty have been explained in the film. It is also a must watch for Vikrant Massey and Vidhu Vinod Chopra. If it is a real story, it should be seen for Manoj Kumar Sharma also. This film will give inspiration as well as tears of joy. You will realize many things while leaving the cinema hall. It is possible that this may also mark the beginning of something new in your life. Well..go and watch 12th Fail.

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